Thursday, 2 May 2013

Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich!

During a sleepover with my friend Beccy the other night, wrapped up in bed at 2am, - tummies rumbling slightly with the prospect of breakfast the next morning, we came up with this monster concept. The ULTIMATE breakfast sandwich!

Let me simplify this concept for you, it has all the elements of a solid British breakfast but combined in an alternative way.
So we have, sausages (obviously) and bacon (obviously) - we are British! BUT, sandwiched between two slices of beautifully fried eggy bread.

Its a revelation, I know..

Here is my new take on a Brit fry up with a twist.

I've added mushrooms & onions to this recipe which can easily be left out -

Bread slices
6 eggs

If you do choose to use the mushrooms and onions start by adding them to the frying pan and leave them to sweat with a sprinkle of salt.

Once the mushrooms and onions have reduced down slightly in another pan, add the sausages shortly followed by the bacon.

As they are frying up nicely, make the egg mix by whisking the eggs. (Add 2 for each slice of bread). Add a dash of milk and salt, leave to soak slightly, flip and fry 2-3 minutes on each side or until they're brown.  

Contruction time!

Cut the sausages long ways (like you would with a standard sausage sandwich), layer the onion and mushroom mix on the first eggy bread, followed by the bacon, sausages and the second eggy bread on top!

There we go -

Personally I'm a fan of the onions with the mushrooms as the sweetness cuts through the saltiness of the meat.

The eggy bread works remarkably well - a match made in heaven!

Okay I know this beast isn't the prettiest of pieces on the eye, but oh boy it sure tastes pretty. 

If you're anything like me enjoy with plenty of ketchup..

The Perfect hangover cure!..who thinks I should set up a greasy spoon cafe, and hey, who knows..this could be my special.

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