Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sunday afternoon in search of Spring..!

I'm back in England and ohh its so much cooler here..(even for April!) Whilst Mummy was preparing our Sunday roast, the rest of us went in search of spring..

 In a field,

Or over a fence..

Up would we find it up a tree..? we really had a hard search.

He's not my brother I swear..

I shouldn't have to be wearing this many layers for April!

For some reason Ant kept running away..

God knows why...

Personally, I think I do a frickin' awesome flying frog impression..

 I got a tad over excited and ended up falling down a ditch covered in leaves, obviously my brother HAD to catch it on camera..

I may have had a sulk..

Needing a moment to myself.

Moving on, we discovered an ancient tree on its side, like a bunch of kids we jumped up onto it

well, Ant did..

We were able to see the whole underneath area of the tree and the roots which held it down..if you walk far enough you'll find a few of these around the Forest!

This was something I didn't expect to find, even though Daddy DID have a map..

YES! First hint of Spring tryinnggg to show its face, these wild daffodils were gorgeous.

A quick pit stop at the pub, (mine & Ant's main intensive..)

It was then time to walk back to the car..
Don't ask what he's doing, why are family always so embarrassing?!

Back off home, I insisted on driving home, in apprehension of mummy's Sunday roast! 

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