Friday, 5 April 2013

Table Mountain

Table Mountain, it's one of the defining features of Cape Town. It had been 13 years since I last went up, the sun was out, I had to head to the top!

On my penultimate day in Cape town we decided it would be a good idea to head up..from the top you are able to see the where the Atlantic meets the Indian ocean and the city and surrounding towns that wrap around below.

The weather was perfect, and the wind was keeping itself scarce, we battered through the crowds and made our way upwards in the cable car..

From the top it was like a blue mirage, the sea and sky melted into one and we were surrounded by a vivid blue blanket.

Depending on where you stood and viewed out it was possible to see the various different areas of Cape town and the different bays.. we spent some time pointing out where all different family & friends lived below us.

A few sparrows were jumping around, scrounging for the odd crumb..

Look at that sky.

The mountain gets it name as its well, like a table! Very easy to walk around as its very flat on top..

Some of the plants that grow up here don't flourish anywhere else in the world, don't ask me which ones!

And if you keep going you'll hit Antarctica..

 Sitting there this is how I'd imagine a Greek god would sit, now all I need is my trident!

I did a few Intagrams, naturally!

After some time we thought it best if we headed back towards the cable car, the sun was beating down on us and thought a dip in the pool back home was calling..

There are some stunning views from the inside of the cable car on the way down..

Back down to earth again, looking back up from where we'd been..!

Table Mountain is a MUST if you've not been to Cape Town, the views are breathtaking and it has recently been voted one of the 7 wonders of the world. Make sure you go on a day with good weather for the best results from the top. Last time I was in SA it was closed due to fog. Visit here : Cable car website

I very much enjoyed soaking myself in the pool back home, very much needed after a day in the South African sun!

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