Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Big Easy Chelsea.

This is our favourite spot on the Kings road. Its relaxed, non pretentious with good food and awesome frozen cocktails!
We went for the Wednesday night special, the fajitas. They come with steak, chicken and shrimp all thrown in with a frozen martini. Yes please.

I apologize for the fuzzy photos, the low light doesn't make them the best.

They gave us some crab bibs, and apart from making us look particularly swarve they really did come in handy, particularly for any messy eaters like me.

Henri had a little trouble tying hers on..

A beautiful platter of meat.. AND it's unlimited!

Looking for good food, cocktails, beer and desserts The Big Easy really is somewhere you should pay a visit!

One of our favourite places in London to eat. On weekends live music is played downstairs and there is constantly a buzzing atmosphere whatever day of the week it may be. Take note any veggies out there... maybe not you're first choice! Ribs, steak and lobster is what the menu revolves around!

Here's a lobster dish we've had in the past..oooommm

Next time I'm going to hit the Monday beer night..
Find them HERE!

After satisfying ourselves with plenty of steak, chicken and shrimp we hopped across the road to meet some friends for a boogie at Raffles. 

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  1. This looks like a great place :). I live in Islington but am keen to get out and explore more of West London. You haven't blogged for a while, are you taking a break?

    Hannah - (Chad does London on Bloglovin)