Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Bodo Schloss

Personally I'm a sucker for a theme, and oh boy does this place have one... Bodo Schloss is like walking off the streets of London and into an Austrian haven - its APRES SKI! Night two of Sarah staying I took her & Georgie. With homely, warm Austrian food, extremely strong cocktails (I discovered mine had absinthe in it)  bright checkered tables clothes and wooden clad walls surrounding us almost like a huge sauna, it was the ideal place to harbor away from the cold weather outside.

Snitzel anyone.. yes, yes yes please

French fries with rich mayonnaise.. umm yes, yes, yes!

After stuffing ourselves with warm, stodgy goodness we move barwards...

Georgie was showing off her golden tan after just getting back from Dubai with her boyfriend -

...yeah okay rub it in!

Sarah's old school friend Helena joined us mid bottle!

A few bottles later we pushed our way out through the bar & restaurant (which turns into a club later on into the night) hailed and collapsed into the nearest taxi which swiftly took us to a much needed cheeky Mc Donald's.

This place is pretty hot property in West London right now so book a table well in advance. Order the grapefruit cocktail - its a goodun'

website: http://www.bodosschloss.com/

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