Friday, 15 March 2013

Burger & Lobster

Last night Tamsin and I ventured back into Soho - our mission? Burgers and lobsters.

We got there early to ensure we got a table due to the fact we hadn't booked - it's extremely popular at the moment so do make sure you do arrive early or book!

Aside from the main event we thought cocktails were a good way to start..

I was slightly less sophisticated and went for a beer..

.....although couldn't help tucking into Tamsin's Winter Berry cocktail!

here we go...........


Tamsin went for the lobster and the carnivore I am went for the burger.. how cute does she look in her bib?!

A lot of the time the salad is ignored and doesn't stand a chance against the meat  - on this occasion though the salad definitely stood its ground. This is how a salad should be served, light shavings of parmesan, a dash of sweet dressing a handful of croutons and some red onions to top! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

What can I say?.. she likes to play with her food!

My burger came with cheese, bacon, gherkins, red onions and a nice slab of beef stake tomato.

Tamsin smothered her chips in ketchup, or should I say her ketchup in chips..

And ordered her lobster with a lemon and butter sauce..

Of course it didn't last long..

As you can imagine we were utterly stuffed but couldn't resist the orange and ginger cheesecake, no, let me re-phrase this, TAMSIN couldn't resist but explained to the waiter that we were sharing as she didn't want to look like a fatty.

Okay I may have had a mouthful or two myself..

It was very light and soft, not your regular cheesecake but marvelous!

As I said get there early as its extremely popular, this is the Soho establishment - the original is in Mayfair which I believe is slightly smaller.
The staff were very helpful but we came to the conclusion that the food was slightly overpriced (£20 for either a burger or lobster.) Great atmosphere - worth a cheeky visit!

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