Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Lunch in St James - Cape Town

Today we headed down the coast to St James' a lovely seaside area of Cape Town.
 - we decided to have a spot of lunch at the fish restaurant smack bang by the blue sea on one side and the docks on the other.. it had a gorgeous position.

We then wondered down along the dock which is dotted with the old, brightly coloured, traditional fishing boats..

It was possible to see right down along the coast to Cape point..on the other side

At the very end of the dock was this lovely old light house..

Although some fisherman had got his string caught up the top of it.. !

Looking back down the dock from where we came..

Getting back to the other end some fat seals were being fed fish guts by the locals, not going to lie, it smelt pretty bad!

We've got a party of 30 coming round on Saturday.. lets hope the weather lasts!

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  1. Hello!
    Wow Cape Town!! Looks gorgeous, just like how I would imagine it. There's something very charming about eating by the sea.