Monday, 11 March 2013


Okay we've all done it.. watched one of those american teen movies and wished that you could hop across the pond and for one night go to one of those incredibly cool looking house parties which play 90's music (..and seem to still keep it cool?) have beer pong, and red plentllyyy of big red cups..ohh the red cups, us Brits love them. Well, for us London lot - THIS is our equivalent, aka -PING.

One of my oldest girlfriends, Sarah, came to stay last weekend - we love pizza, check. cheesy music check. AND of course drinking games CHECK! ..and when we get together with our mutual friend Georgie we become a devilishly cheeky blonde trio.

After enjoying some beautifully doughy, saucy pizzas (I had a Calzone) we got down to what we really came here for ....did anyone say beer pong? HELL YES! 

My gorgeous flat mate came along .....

and with her some of our fab uni lovlies... they admitted to being beer pong virgins.. they quickly got into it..!!

we all knew where our balls the beer, ahem.

If you want a fun, laid back, fun-loving evening with simple food with good friends I'd highly recommend PING, I'd advise you book a table for food in advance, a ping pong table is included with the booking. I have been coming here for a while and if you keep your eyes peeled you never know who you'll spot on the other side of the room with bat in hand! tip: get on the staffs side, they can be a great help when sorting your table out.


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