Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Brit burgers!

Burgers are oh so easy to make from scratch and are a totally flexible recipe - you can stack your burger up as much or little as you wish, change the mince - why not try lamb? And cook it to your own preference!

Personally, I'm a lover of a juicy burger (importantly still pink in the center) stacked high with toppings! Now if you want to be particularly naughty with your burger - I have been known to be, fully load it with onion rings, BBQ sauce, plentyy of cheese & bacon! But no one can be that mischievous alllll the time so, today I made healthier beef burgers for my family.

Beef mince
White baps
Beefsteak tomato
Red onion
Ice burg lettuce
Tomato relish
Cheddar slices.

- How simple does that sound!
Before you start switch on your grill.

I decided to keep the burgers fairly light, and simply just seasoned with salt and pepper - if you want to mix it up a bit then dice up some onion and and mix in with the mince or if you like a bit of heat some chili seeds.

Form them into burgerish shapes - these don't have to be perfect in shape, although they do expand in the oven so make sure they're not too thick!

Place under the grill for 10 minutes, flip after 5 minutes to ensure they're cooked evenly!

Whist those little ones are under the grill its time to prepare your toppings,

All of these toppings will really freshen up your burger instead of making it too stodgy - which can sometimes happen!
Once cooked, remove those juicy jewels from under the grill and let them sit briefly - making sure they don't get cold!
Cut the baps in half and toast lightly, its then time to stack!!

Layer it up with the mayo, cheddar cheese, the main event - the burger, some sweet tangy relish, crisp ice burg lettuce, and the beefsteak tomato.

Ideally the burger should be blushing in the center, soft and juicy with plenty of flavour. The bun should be light, warm and crispy with the light, fresh taste of the salad and tomato with and with the zing of the cheese and red onion.  Let's just say nothing on our plates was around for long.. hence I've only got a few pictures for you!

This is such a great recipe to make as it can be done in a whole variety of ways. Today I've kept it very simple and much healthier. Add any cheese, maybe some blue..? And there's a whole variation of salad you can use! Or if you're being really good strip the bread and make a naked burger. Alternatively if you're going all out add some home made oven chips. Use my method or personalize your burger to your own taste!


  1. Oh god this post just made me very hungry! But I have no food in the house! x

  2. haha thanks Sareena - you should try this recipe. It's super easy!

  3. After reading this post, Henri and I made burgers. Bad influence haha!